Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 7 - Garret Mountain

A third straight morning here with the continuing nice weather brought with it some new arrivals for my eyes.

Solitary Sandpiper was represented with 4 individuals on Barbour's Pond
credit: www.bobsteelephoto.com

Least Flycatcher was found to complement the now daily Phoebes. The continuing Blue-Headed & Warbling vireos were joined by both the Red-Eyed, and Yellow-Throated Vireos today. Once again both Nuthatches were enjoyed. Thrushes are returning with Swainson's, Wood, Robin and Veery being seen. Mimics of Catbird, Mockingbird, and Brown Thrasher were calling continuosly.

Warblers are the stars of Garret and todays list contained: Nashville, Parula, Yellow, Chestnut-Sided, Magnolia, Cape May, BT Blue, Yellow-Rumped, BT Green, B & W, Redstart, Ovenbird, N. Waterthrush and Common Yellowthroat for a total of 14 species.
Both Orioles were seen again too.
Baltimore Oriole credit: John Kormendy