Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 26 - Doodletown, New York

Having sated myself on Garret Mountain with a baker's-dozen in visits this spring, I decided to start the holiday with a trip for the beautiful Cerulean Warbler, which breeds at this spot along the Hudson River, just south of Bear Mountain Bridge.

I was not disappointed, but first on the walk up I found a lovely Mourning Warbler after hearing it's song. This was the first time I had seen this species within NY State.
Also on the walk up to the Ceruleans, I had Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Pewee, and Phoebe. A Yellow-Throated Vireo was spotted, and a few Baltimore Orioles were seen along with some Indigo Buntings. Later, a Least Flycatcher was tracked down, as was Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.

Hooded Warblers,Blue-Winged Warblers and Redstarts were omnipresent, and I heard Worm-Eating and BT Blue as well. Parula was seen as was Yellow Warbler and B & W.

Up near the old Herbert Cemetary, as well as, in the Tree Nursery, the Cerulean warblers put on quite a show. Some were in the sun preening, others were high in the tall Sycamores, one was in a leafless tree offering great views, and others were against the green background of leaves which offered a great contrast to the azure hues of this specialty warbler.