Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 13 - Sandy Hook

Thanks goes out to Patty Dexter today for telling me about the Lark Sparrow she had found a few minutes before we ran into each other this morning. I was able to get some nice views of the bird.
Credit: Dan Murray @

Another highlight today was a Baird's Sandpiper that I found at the end of Fisherman's Trail at North Beach. I was watching the sandpipers feeding at low tide when the Baird's flew in amongst them for a minute or two before heading out to more favorable habitat.
credit: unknown

Other goodies seen here today were plovers of Semi-Palmated, Black-Bellied, and Piping. Oystercathers, Willet, Ruddy Turnstone, and a single Western Sandpiper were also seen. Terns were represented by Common and Royal, and I also saw raptors of Merlin, Osprey, and Broad-Winged Hawk. Otherwise a slow day, yet that was to be expected. I'm quite satisfied with the Lark Sparrow and Baird's Sandpiper !

Let's see what Garret Mountain brings tomorrow !!

Monday, September 08, 2008

September 7 - Hurricane Hanna birds


We arrived at Robert Moses State Park at first light. There were less birds than we hoped for but we started with a Whimbrel. Later we saw two and then three Buff-Breasted Sandpipers at very close range of about 10-15 yards.
The highlight of the morning was a Sooty Tern that gave me good looks as it flew headlong into the wind.
With the storm not bringing in large numbers of birds, nor any other rarities, we headed home early today but with a big grin on scoring a Storm bird, and first Sooty Tern I've seen outside of Florida.