Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20 - Croton Point birds

This morning I to Westchester County's Croton Point Park to look for sparrows.  However both before & after that I made a stop at the nearby Train Station.  At this same Station I had seen a Northern Wheater back in 2011.   The reason for stopping at the Station today was to see an alternate plumaged Red-Throated Loon.

This is the first breeding plumaged RT Loon that I have ever seen, and the feeling was quite like seeing a Life-bird !

 click to enlarge.

At Croton Point Park is was quite breezy and that seemed to keep the sparrows low in the grasses.  I did see Song, Swamp, Savannah, White-Throat, and Field sparrows.  A few Palm Warblers and a Kestrel were also seen