Saturday, August 01, 2015

August 1 - De Korte Park

This morning I was undecided where to go, and ultimately headed to Richard W De Korte Park in Lyndhurst.  My primary target was Sora, a species that I had not seen well since September 2012.
While at De Korte, I saw the report of an American Avocet being seen at the nearby Saw Mill Creek impoundment and I was able to get very distant views of this bird before returning to my original pursuit.

Walking the Marsh Discovery Trail with friend Karen F. and acquaintance Jonathan R. we did get to see the Common Gallinule (a/k/a Common Moorhen).  Jonathan then spied a Least Bittern in flight that we all saw briefly.

Next we came across Chris T. who advised that the Sora had just been seen. Returning to the main Shorebird Pool that is opposite the parking lot, I was able to see the Sora, and then Jonathan and Karen were able to see this bird as well.

Later the American Avocet flew into the shorebird pool, and we were all able to get very good views of this bird now that it was much, much closer.  Here is a photo taken by Chris T.

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