Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26 - Hatfield Swamp

Since I only had a few hours free today I paid a visit to the Hatfield Swamp Area in Essex County.  This remnant of the glacial Lake Passaic is a fine spot for Woodpeckers and Owls.  I did see several species of Woodpeckers, and lots of them (!)  before I was able to get terrific views of a Northern Saw-Whet Owl.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19 - Northern Lapwings in NJ

Finally I got a chance to get down and see the Northern Lapwings that are being seen in Ocean County's town of New Egypt.  Amazingly these 3 birds have stayed here for quite a bit now. Moreover their high number of 3 birds unusual, and so too is their long stay, as often these birds are "one-day wonders".  Many times these birds are only found for a few hours!.

Update:  As of February 23 these birds are still being seen !

After seeing these birds, my friend's car broke down but we were able to get a rental & continue on.  We later stopped at the Lyons VA Hospital in Somerset County where we had fine views of the Greater-White Fronted Goose that has been reported here.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12 - Hoary Redpolls at Bashakill

This very foggy morning I went up to the Bashakill in order to visit Scotty B's house as he has been reporting Hoary Redpolls.   
This morning it took a little bit longer for the flock of approximately 200-250 Redpolls to get comfortable coming into the feeders.  After an hour or so wait, Scotty had seen 1-2 of the Hoary Redpolls. 
We then all took turns getting into the best & closest spot that allowed us to see the birds on the ground, as today the Hoaries were sticking to this feeding spot. Of course, the birders who needed this species as a life-bird got their turns first. 
This was perfectly fine with me and when I got my chance to see this species again, it was well worth the short wait.  I had first seen the Hoary Redpolls up in Sullivan County back in 2008 over at the Rayano's house, so it was nice to see this species again, and it was a bit closer to home this time !

For some excellent picture of these rare visitors visit John Hass's blog here & here