Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 18 - Southwestern NJ

A trip to look for Kentucky Warbler led me to Glassboro Woods. Fate won the day, as I did not see nor hear the desired species. All was not lost, not in the least ! Several Great birds were enjoyed , and here is the list:

My first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird of the year was pleasant to see, as was a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. Sound records of Pewee and Acadian Flycatcher were all I could garner today, but I did get some nice views of the ubiquitous White-Eyed Vireos, which breed here. A stunning male Blue Grosbeak was along a field edge in great light.

Warblers seen and heard were the lovely Prothonotary:
credit: mdf

Also seen were Blue-Winged, Nashville, Parula, Chestnut-Sided, Rump, Blackburnian, Blackpoll, B & W, Redstart, Worm-Eating, Ovenbird, Louisiana Waterthrush, C. Yellowthroat, and Hooded for a quite respectable 16 species - but not the primary target...

To console ourselves we stopped at a spot called BrightView Farm. These landowners allow birders to visit their farm fields and overgrown pastures which host several species that are localized breeders in the State. Here Phoebe and Kingbird sallied out for insects, while Barn & Tree Swallows patrolled the open areas along with Eastern Bluebirds.

While looking at a another beautiful Blue Grosbeak we spied a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in a tree nearby. But the true stars of the show are the resident Bobolinks. In both sight and sound they are unique and enjoyable. They are joined by both Baltimore and Orchard Orioles. Later we got glimpses of Savannah Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow.
credit: Gerhard Hoffman

A nice combination of birding different habitats gives you a great daylist !