Monday, December 08, 2008

December 7 - another Ross' Goose !

Well, as happy as I am to get great views of the Ross' Goose that was found about 20 minutes from my house, I am partly frustrated over my recent history with this same species, ha ha !

As luck would have it, I drove 2 hours out to Eastern Long Island to life this bird in March 2008, then spent 4 hours searching for it in winds of 25+ mph, and gusts into the 40s.

Then last Sunday I drove 2 hours south into New Jersey to get it as a State bird, and it rained the entire trip !

So when I heard it was seen this morning, and me being so close, with really nice weather, I decided to see this species again.
credit: Doug Morel

I got to see the bird as I initially drove up, then I watched it feed, fly and swim in the pond.
Overall my best sighting of this species, and the cheapest !