Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30 - Brigantine NWR

I woke early today and headed South into the flurries, which became rain after 30 minutes. Arriving at 7:30 as the rain continued I was greeted with a Golden Eagle flying overheard. It was gone in less than 10 seconds, more likely it was 5, as the views always seem longer than they actually are. My first scans of the Snow Geese flocks didn't yield anything but the second time did. I eventually spotted the previously reported Ross' Goose.
credit: Greg Lasley

There were nice views despite the conditions. Rain with 15+ mph winds from the Northeast made scoping quite difficult. After getting wet and tough views I decided to scope from inside the car. This worked much better !!

I did not see any of the godwit species reported yesterday, although the variety of others made it interesting. Shorebirds were far away, but Dunlin, Red-Knot, Greater Yelowlegs, and Western Sandpipers were seen. An Eastern Meadowlark was a late in season surprise. Nelson's Sparrows dared the winds on brief occasions long enough to show their bright buffy colors.

Just over 50 species were seen, which is fairly good for season & especially weather !