Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 27 - Sedge Wren

This morning I drove south away from the rain & fog that was pushing north, all the way down to Cape May. I was after a bird I had seen once before, up in New Paltz, NY back in June 2004.

Thanks to local birder Chris Vogel and his recent updates about this bird, I was able to locate it pretty quickly. First by it's call, and then numerous glimpses as it ran through the grasses, and perched from time to time. Overall I spent an hour enjoying this little beauty.

credit: The Marksman

This species is rapidly declining in the east, and barely winters in New Jersey. There are reports of this bird being found every other year or so. Likely it is here annually, but just not discovered as much.
credit: WhataBird click on map to enlarge

This endangered species has been disappearing from the Eastern States, including nearly all of Pennsylvania as well as Maine.

So you can now understand (maybe!) why I would drive so far on a dreary day to enjoy this rare bird.
Oh, and that was New Jersey State Bird # 339 for me !!