Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26 - Meadowlands Arctic visitors

Due to the early winter snows across most of northern North America, two species that breed in the Arctic are now well into their wintering ranges, and these species are showing up in higher numbers than previous years. Across the region there have been numerous reports of Snowy Owls and, more recently, Rough-Legged Hawks.

Maps credit: Whatabird

Today I was able to see both within the Meadowlands, specifically the Richard De Korte Park area. There are two Snowy Owls being seen just north of the now fallow Town of Lyndhurst ballfields. Here is one being harassed by a Northern Harrier:
credit: Jerry Barrack

Throughtout the area are likely close to a dozen of the Rough-Legged Hawks, and both the light & dark morphs are being seen.

Also seen were hawks of Red-Tailed, and the Cooper's, plus American Kestrel, and several Northern Harriers.