Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 17 - Return to Garret Mountain

Today was my first return to Garret since last fall's migration.  I was surprised to see how many trees, especially the White Pines along Mountain Road, have been devastated by last year's Hurricane Sandy.   The loss of understory, due to year-round grazing by deer, combined with this recent blow-down will hurt the park even more.  One can hope that new growth can happen around & under the fallen trees while also remaining out of touch for the Deer.  Only time can tell this answer. 

For the birds I was able to get fine views of a handful of American Woodcock, also a half-dozen Tree Swallows, and several Eastern Phoebes.  Once April comes I'm sure to be at this park almost daily into Mid-May, at least when its not raining...or when the winds are out of the East.