Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16 - Pacific Loon Squared

This morning I made a return trip to Morris Plains for longer & better looks at the 1st-ever record of Pacific Loon in Morris County.  The last time here was at first light and brief as I had to get to work.  Arriving in the late morning at the pond on American Road it proved to have much better light and allowed for terrific views. The bird was also diving less and preening more, so the looks were terrific.

I received word that a second Pacific Loon was being seen on nearby Lake Parsippany, just about 3 miles away from American Road.  This bird is an adult, being much darker than the American Road bird.   I was able to connect with this bird too for a very surprising 2nd-ever record for the county.

See the pictures that Jonathan Klizas took of this second Pacific Loon

Compare the American Road juvenile against the Lake Parsippany Adult with the all-dark back.
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photo credit: Jonathan Klizas