Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11 - Pacific Loon

To my surprise this morning I awoke to read about a rare bird finding close to my home.  So before work I headed down to the town of Morris Plains, which is some 20 miles away.  Here in a corporate park on a small retention pond is where a Pacific Loon had been confirmed by Jamie Glydon on Sunday.
Fortunately just minutes before arriving I received a tweet from Simon Lane that the bird was still present !  The bird was mostly diving but in between it put on quite a show, at times being very close & at others flapping it's wings as if preparing to take off.   Evidently there is enough food for the bird to be feeding for a day or two, yet undoubtedly it should be departing soon to it's more familiar haunts of the ocean coastline.

Here is a picture taken by friend Jonathan Klizas, and more info on the Morris-Somerset County birding blog which he administers.

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for more images & info from the MoCoSoCo birds website click here