Monday, January 07, 2008

January 6 - Sullivan County Winter Finches

After hearing what a tremendous day some friends had up in the Sullivan County town of Liberty on Saturday, I made the trek up here myself with four other friends today.

Upon arriving at Clements Road we quickly spotted a pair of Bohemian Waxwings amongst the smaller, and lighter colored Cedar Waxwings. We enjoyed nice scope views of these birds, and found yet another one nearby. Fortunately for us, these birds stuck around for about 10 minutes or more before flying off not to be seen again today.
credit: Blacks Bay Lodge staff

This fantastic shot shows some of the major differences from the Cedar Waxwing. The dark gray body, red undertail, and red face with very little white surrounding the black mask credit: Doug Lloyd

At the junction of Smith Road & Cooley Mountain Road, the Rayano's feeders provided everyone with beautiful looks at a very large group of Common Redpolls.

Among the flock of nearly 100 of the Common Redpolls that were seen here, we were able to locate two of the "frosty-colored" Hoary Redpoll species
Finally, in the afternoon we were treated to yet another winter-finch species in the Evening Grosbeak, including three gorgeously-colored males:

credit: Lester Rees

Additionally we saw several Pine Grosbeaks, most being on Airport Road where we had a flock of 26, including the incredibly beautiful males:

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