Monday, January 28, 2008

January 27 - Scott's Oriole in Manhattan

Although I only had a few hours free this weekend, some friends were kind enough to take me into New York City to look at the vagrant Scott's Oriole that has been discovered in Union Square Park.

This bird from the Southwestern U.S. is just the first record of this species in New York state !
Previously I have seen this bird in Arizona two times. The first was on Mount Lemmon in 2006 and the second time was in Madera Canyon in 2007. So, it was quite a treat to see this bird again and so close to home !

Here are some wonderful pictures taken by a Brooklyn-birder.

While it appears that this typically fruit-loving bird has adapted to it's New York life quite well, it was mainly feeding on the sap-laden holes in a Holly Tree that were made by the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker that is also over-wintering in this park. Quite a symbiotic relationship !
credit: Stephanie Seymour

Here's a final pic of this bird.