Saturday, January 05, 2008

January 5 - Hatfield Swamp

Today I took a brief walk near the town of Caldwell, in a remnant of the Great Passaic Ice Sheet.
This area was preserved due to it's continual flooding and also the overhead powerlines that have been installed here.

There were quite a few surprises for this time of year. Notably was the flock of 10 Common Redpolls that flew in just briefly enough for me to identify them. Also seen were Purple Finches, and some Catbirds. Woodpeckers seen were Downy, Hairy & Red-Bellied, plus Northern Flicker.
The sparrows included White-Throated, Swamp, Song, Tree, and Field, along with Juncos.
A dozen or so Rusty Blackbirds was also very nice to see.

In the raptor department, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk was seen, along with a mated pair of Red-Tails.