Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24 - Garret Mountain

Today had the promise of lots of new species due to the strong SW winds last night, and a temperature of 67 degrees at 5:30 in the morning !
However at the park it was very windy up top, which leads me to believe the bird were either flying through, or dispersed and will gather in the park later in the day.

Most numerous migrants today appeared to be Brown Thrasher, Eastern Towhee, Chipping and White-Throated Sparrows. Still had some nice surprises with newly arriving warblers, but they were mostly singletons. Several house Wrens were seen in the park, and a Marsh Wren as a nice pickup.

Warblers: Pine, Palm, Yellow-Rumped, B&W, Yellow, Hooded, BT Green, Ovenbird, Luigi-anna Waterthrush.

Other birds seen of note were BH Vireo, BG Gnatsmasher, Winter Wren, House Wren, Marsh Wren, Raven, RC Kinglet, Brown Thrasher, E. Towhee, Chipping, Swamp, Song, White-Throat Sparrows, Junco, Green Heron, Red Tail Hawk, Turkey.