Sunday, December 07, 2014

December 7 - Monmouth County Rare Geese

We headed down to Sandy Hook this morning and found the very strong winds were keeping the birds out of view.  However, we did locate a Snowy Owl here, which was a female.

Next we headed farther south to Spring Lake's Wreck Pond for the Ross' Goose which had been reported here the past few days, as well as less than 1 hour before we arrived.  Surprisingly the Small White Goose was nowhere to be seen despite searching by many.  As we were already on borrowed time, we then started heading home going westbound on Allaire Road toward the highway.  It was then that I noticed a white goose in flight above a small horse farm.  We pulled over at the Wall Intermediate School and went over to the horse field where we saw the target birds of Ross' Goose.

credit: Alyssa Della Fave

While I was posting about the Ross' Goose being refound, one of our group  stated that he may have a Greater White-Fronted Goose in the flock, however when we all got onto that bird we realized it was a Pink-Footed Goose !  I then called friends Rob F. and Lisa F.  as they too had been over at Wreck Pond looking for the Ross' Goose.  This is the first record of Pink-Footed Goose for this year in New Jersey, so hopefully many will get to see this bird over the next few days.

credit: Alyssa Della Fave

Finally we had to get back on the road, yet we found a few minutes to stop along Randolph Road in Somerset County to get a quick glimpse of the 8 Sandhill Cranes there.

After a quiet start to our day, we made the most of the second half so it turned out to be a productive, and fun, day !