Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28 - Garret Mountain

On a cool day that got more raw as the morning progressed, today I birded a few hours with friends Jennifer & Bill.

We saw numerous Brown Creepers, with 4-5 in sight at once on a few occasions. Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers were also seen regularly, and joined the other woodpeckers of Hariy, Downy, Red-Bellied, and Northern Shafted Flicker. A few Phoebes were about, and we got to see a handful of Tree Swallows flying overhead. Other first-of-spring birds included Chipping Sparrows, Golden-Crowned Kinglets, and a lone Rusty Blackbird that gave us extended views.
We heard & then later spotted a male Eastern Towhee.

Lastly we waited out a singing Pine Warbler and got close looks at him, along with a trio of Red-Breasted Nuthatches.