Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 23 - Doodletown / Mine Road

My friends and I arrived here at first light and worked our way up to Lemmon Road. Soon after Jennifer heard the Kentucky Warbler singing and we got in position to see it. It took us a few minutes but we finally spooted the songster high up in the trees about 80 feet off the ground.

The bird stayed here and sang virtually non-stop from the same perch spot for over 20 minutes. We all had fantastic looks at the bird. This was only the second time I have seen this bird, with the life bird coming back in May 2006 at New Jersey's Belleplain Forest.

Here we also saw several Ceruleans:

Next we went to nearby Mine Road, which runs through part of the West Point Military Academy's land. Our target here was the Golden-Winged Warbler and we were able to see this bird as soon as we arrived.

Here too we saw Ceruleans, with even better looks then at Doodletown.