Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10 - Cape May specialties

I briefly visited Belleplain Forest for the breeding specialties of Yellow-Throated Warbler and Summer Tanager. Both were seen quite easily along Pine Swamp Road, withe the Summer Tanager begin found at the junction of this road with Sunset Road.

A male Hooded Warbler also put in a nice appearance, and many other species were "heard-only" as I only had a short time here.

Next I went ot the Cape May Meadows for the previously reported Black-Necked Stilt and the bird was seen foraging out in the open on the Plover Pond which is just behind the dunes on the West path. This is NJ State Bird # 344 for me.
credit: Howard's View

I was unsuccessful in seeing the Swallow-Tailed Kites that had been around for 4-5 days but a consolation was 3 different Mississipi Kites in plumages of Juvenile, Sub-Adult, and Full-adult.

Alas, adding the Swallow-Tailed to my list will have to come in the future...