Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24 - Colorado Redux in New Jersey

While the weather was quite different here in NJ than it was during my summer trip to Colorado, the bird species were uncannily similar.
In the town of Collingswood the long staying Green-Tailed Towhee did not disappoint. I arrived just before 8 am, and the bird appeared shortly afterwards. Having just seen this species in late June in CO, it was still nice to view this bird in my home state. The last time this species was recorded in New Jersey was way back i april 1985. I did not stay long, as I did not have a lot of free time today, but I ticked the bird for my State List (# 342) and headed northward back towards my home.
credit: Chris Bohinski

I made a brief stop at Florence, which is one the Delaware River, just across from a landfill in Pennsylvania. Here I had a adult Bald Eagle, and gulls of Iceland, Herring, Ring-Billed & Greater-Black Backed.

Continuing the westerly route home, which allowed me to stop at the Round Valley Reservoir. Here was another bird that I had seen in Colorado this summer. The Eared Grebe put in a very nice appearance, and was quite close at that. Very nice scope views were had, particularly of it's red eye.
credit: Bob Fogg

Lastly I made a stop for the Sandhill Cranes which have been reportedin Franklin Township in Somerset County. Although I gave these birds more than an hour of searching I could not locate them. Oh well, still a great day.