Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3 - Northern Wheatear at Garret Mountain

After having struck out on this species twice before, back in 2006 & about 12 days ago, lucked turned my way today when a vagrant Northern Wheatear was found at Garret Mountain.
credit: Smithsonian National Zoo

As soon as the reports came in I took some time off of work to chase this bird. Although traffic was seemingly taking me forever to get there I was actually on the bird within 40 minutes of the internet's rare bird alert.

The most significant feature of the winter-plumaged Wheatear is it's white tail:
credit: Dave Appleton

The Range Map for this very rare visitor:

I saw a few friends there, and made a couple more, plus I hear some other friends also got to see the bird.
A great way to start the weekend ! ABA Lifebird # 577.