Sunday, August 03, 2008

August 2 - Brigantine

Late this morning I met up my friend Rob F. and, along with Chris B., we birded a loop together.

First up we got to see distant views of the White Pelican. It was in the vicinity of the large observation tower that is on the south dike. Also seen here were nice views of Western, as well as, Stilt Sandpipers.
Stilt Sandpiper credit: Royse

I was the only one who caught a glimpse of a Tri-Colored Heron before it slipped below the reeds. Rob picked out a Black-Bellied Plover for the group to enjoy. Later a distant Cattle Egret was also seen, however Rob has seen two at close range earlier in the day before I had arrived. A woman pointed out a lone Ruddy Turnstone to us.

A Royal Tern was quite a surprise, as it was the first sighting of this species for me here, # 168 for my Brig list.
credit: George Jameson

This was also a nice comparison to the other Caspian Terns that I saw here today:
credit: Unknown

The Gull Pond had a juvenile Little Blue Heron, Snowy & Great Egrets, Great-Blue and Black-Crowned Herons, and a singing Blue Grosbeak. We all got to see the Glaucous Gull as close range, and I found a summering/juvenile Brant.

I'm quite sure there were more species here today. Unfortunately, I was living on borrowed time and could only make a quick loop through this fantastic place.