Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20 - Brigantine

After a late start this morning I finally decided to go birding. I considered going to Delaware for a moment, but went south to Brigantine instead.

I started with a juvenile Little Blue Heron on the Gull Pond. Soon after I had the White Pelican and also the local specialty Gull-Billed Tern.

Later on I enjoyed the majestic Caspian Tern, both perched and in flight. Also a pair of Seaside Sparrow, several Whimbrel, some bright Western Sandpipers, and a pair of adult Little Blue Heron.
In the last bit of marsh near the end of the loop, I had the Glaucous Gull. Quite nice to see one without typical winter weather I normally see them in.
credit: Howard Eskin

Nearby I also had a close pair of Tri-colored Heron. Later a pair of Bobwhite crossed in front of my car just as I entered the Upland habitat at the end of the auto-tour.
credit: Ashok_Khosla

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