Friday, September 14, 2007

September 8 - Brigantine & Johnson Sod Farm

Brigantine was the first stop today. Here I saw White Pelican, and also Baird's Sandpiper.
Other noteworthy birds seen here were several dozen Blue-Winged Teal, and three Sora rails, Blue Grosbeak, Caspian Tern, Bobolink, and Seaside Sparrow.

Next up was a visit to the Johnson Sod Farm down in southern NJ's Cumberland County.
I was looking forward to seeing the American Golden Plover and was immediately rewarded as we saw about a dozen of these birds together.
Fortunately two were males in nearly full breeding plumage, similar to this image.

After getting my target bird, we continued along the farm roads and found an amazing group of approx. 30 Buff-Breasted Sandpipers. Today's birds were seen much closer than last weekends, and revealed all the details of this beautiful shorebird.

Finally, just before leaving we were able to get a few seconds view of the rare Upland Sandpiper.
This bird is known to breed in only two places in the state, both being airports in the southern half of the state.
This was only the second time I have seen the Uppie in the state.