Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 29 - Garret Mountain

A small cold front passed through last night, so I decided to visit a local migrant trap. The birding was pretty good for this unusually slow fall migration. One highlight was a late Yellow-Throated Vireo.
This bird is typically out of the area by late August. Also seen today was Blue-Headed and Red-eyed Vireos. Fifteen species of warblers were seen with Bay-breasted and Wilson's being noteworthy. Others seen were Parula, Chestnut-Sided, Magnolia, BT Blue, Yellow-Rumped, BT Green, Pine, Palm, Blackpoll, B & W , Redstart, Ovenbord and Yellowthroat.

Scarlet Tanagers were seen frequently, and a Brown Creeper was my first of the fall.
Sparrows were represented by Chipping, Savannah, Song, Lincoln's, Swamp, White-Throated and Junco, Towhee and House.

Here is an image of a Lincoln's Sparrow: