Monday, March 26, 2007

March 25 - Garret Mountain

Ahhh, time once again to forego the long drives chasing birds elsewhere. Spring has returned, and with it the birds will now be flying towards me !
I truly enjoyed my short-drive to this migrant trap, some say it is the best spring spot on the Atlantic seaboard! Onto the birds...

Highlights today were my "first-of-Spring" Eastern Phoebe, Great Egret, and Fox Sparrows. Also seen were American Woodcock (including watching it do it's unusual walk), Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Winter Wren, more Sparrows (Swamp, Song, and White-Throated), and nearly 2-dozen Wild Turkeys in full display. A perched Merlin was noteworthy as previously I've only had them flying-by the park.

Over 40 species were seen, and this is just the beginning. Every day will now bring new arrivals back to the area. I'll be able to sleep a bit later, and my car will get a well-deserved rest after the many long, winter chases.