Saturday, January 21, 2017

January 21 - Evening Grosbeaks

I have been longing to see these birds again for many, many years now...because my last sighting was back in 2008...and I was presented with my best chance for this with a reliable flock that has been appearing at a residence in Canaan, Connecticut.

So, I was up early and off to the rural northwestern corner of the Nutmeg State. Just under 2 hours later I had made the 110 mile drive to home at the corner of Under Mountain Road & Cobble Road.

I was the first one on site at 7:45 and the birds were not yet around, but within a few minutes I could hear the squawks of the flock as they flew into the large tree above the home. There were about 32 of the birds and shortly thereafter they began the ritual of coming into the platform feeder in small groups  only to abruptly head off back into the trees, only to be replaced by yet another small group of Grobseaks.  I really enjoyed seeing this species again so I stayed for just over an hour, until the birds made a longer trip onto another feeding site.

credit: Corey Hayes