Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20 - Bridgeport

With few rarities around, and reading that the bird was still present this morning, I took a ride to Bridgeport.  The park is named Seaside Park, and its quite a beauty.  For several miles the roadway parallels the beach and has a lane for parking.  So its quite convenient for birders!

The Ross' Goose was present as I drove up, and I had great views from the car.  I then drove around a bit looking at other species.  One of the favorites for me was a Horned Grebe is glorious breeding plumage.

Here is an image of the Ross' Goose

More can be seen here.

On my way back home I stopped at Sherwood Island Park, but there wasn't anything special to see here, so I continued on my way.  Before crossing the Hudson River,  I made a brief stop at Westchester's Croton Point Park.  Here I had fine views of the nesting Great Horned-Owl, and then the long-staying (since December) Lark Sparrow.

Credit friend John Haas