Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 18 - Mississippi Kite

Today I had to cancel my plans with Bill because my father-in-law had some complications after his surgery of last week, so I had to go down south to the hospital.
After the issues were cleared up I had some time to go another 30 miles south down to Waretown, NJ.  Here a pair of Mississippi Kites have been reported for several weeks.  Fortunately for me at least one of the kites was perched in the tree when I arrived around 12:30.
There I met another birder named Linda who was taking some photos.  After Linda departed the bird took a short flight to catch an insect, so I got to see more than just a perched bird !

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credit: Linda Woodfield

Afterward a took a brief trip to the Barnegat Division of the Forsythe NWR
Here I saw a Tricolored Heron.