Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 14 - Cupsogue Beach

Our regular group took the ride out east today to the Suffolk County park of Cupsogue Beach.
Here the targets are Terns, which come to roost on the sandbars of the bay.

Immediately one sees the abundant Common Tern, and with little effort the Black Terns are found.  With some more time we begin to see the less likely tern species of Forster's, along with small numbers of the Least Tern.   However the most exciting species of the day is a toss-up between the Arctic Tern(s) and the Sandwich Tern.   Rounding out the 8 tern species seen today were the Caspian and Roseate species.

Here is an image of Caspian Tern and Sandwich Tern.  click to enlarge:

credit: Bill Hubrick

Other highlights today were Piping Plovers, Whimbrel, and Purple Martin.