Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 30 - Franklin's Gull at Brooklyn's Plumb Beach

The regular crew got together today for a chase out to Brooklyn's Plumb Beach.  The target was a Franklin's Gull which has been seen here for almost a full week.  Fortunately for us the bird continues today, and we were able to see it right-away upon arriving at the east end of the beach where it meets Gerretsen Creek

I had seen this species before, back in November 2011 at Texas' South Padre Island, however those birds were in basic (winter) plumage.  So seeing today's bird in alternate (breeding) plumage was nice!

These images show the white-wing tips of the Franklin's against the dark-tip of the Laughing Gull

All images credit Sean Sime.  you can see more of his excellent photos here