Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 24 - Gyrfalcon

Without plans today I decided to visit Jones Beach, but first I decided to stop at Gilgo Beach as rumor had it that a rare arctic visitor had been found earlier this week & re-seen on Saturday.  As luck would have it as soon as I parked my car and took a look at a Peregrine perched on an Osprey nesting plalform Tom Burke pulled alongside and said the Gyrfalcon was being seen on the other side of the parking area.

Once in the right spot the Gyr was seen on another Osprey nesting platform farther out.

While viewing the bird it eventually flew up high and while still in my scope view I saw it kill a Black Duck.  We then watched the Gyr have lunch before flying onto a closer still platform.

Here's a few smartphone images to enlarge...but they'll get very blurry   :(

For images taken with a real camera, See Corey Finger's pics too !

View some amazing Images from South Dakota taken by Terry Sohl

Here is a range map, prepared by Terry.  Click to enlarge.