Monday, November 12, 2012

November 11 - NY Rarities

Today some friends & I went out to Queens' Alley Pond Park to look for the Virginia's Warbler that had been recently found.  Fortune was with us as just after first light the bird was seen by Corey Finger.  He got us on the bird and we enjoyed fine views of this western species. In fact, this is the first NY-State record of this species !

click to enlarge.

Visit Corey's blog for more info & some more of his fine images of this bird.

John Gluth also posted some of his work from yesterday

Our group then heard about the Northern Lapwings being re-located out on the east end of Long Island near Montauk Point. After a brief bit of anxiety over not seeing the birds right away, we were soon rewarded.  These birds were lifers for me, and come in as my #623 ABA species.

After soaking up the Lapwings for a bit we then stopped at nearby Rita's Stables and were able to get views of the female Brewer's Blackbird there.  I have seen this species before both out west and in New Jersey, but this is my first time seeing this bird in NY State and becomes my 339th bird for this State.