Saturday, September 08, 2012

September 8 - Elegant Tern at Sandy Hook

At last !  After missing this bird on Wednesday while also getting drenched in a 30-minute downpour I was able to see this bird.  It represents the 1st New Jersey record of this species !

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Copyright: Larry Scacchetti

For some more excellent photos, see Larry Scacchetti's website.

Other birds seen here today were dozens of Black Terns, Common Terns, Caspian Tern, and Black Skimmers.  Shorebirds seen were Piping Plovers, Black-Bellied Plovers, Buff-Breasted Sandpipers, and Baird's Sandpiper, a very rare for this site Whimbrel, Stilt Sandpiper.  And I missed the Sandwich Tern that Larry saw !