Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26 - Rarities in Connecticut

I was out today with Andy & Jennifer as we ventured back to the Nutmeg State for some rarities.  First up was the Pink-Footed Goose.  Although we did not see the bird at the recent spots, we did come across in at nearby Greenpackers Pond and had nice views of the bird from across this small pond.

Afterwards we headed south toward te coast, first stopping at Konold's Pond.  Here we located the reported Trumpeter Swans, and had some other good birds in Ravens, Ring-Necked Ducks, Bald Eagles.

We continued to the coast stopping in Southport, where we quickly found the Eurasian Wigeon.  The journey continued with a very brief stop at Sherwood Isle Park for the reported Snow Goose, which too was found quickly.

Our last stop was at Stanmford's Cove Island Park (home of November's 2010 Fork-Tailed Flycatcher) and were able to locate the Dickcissel that had been seen there.