Friday, June 10, 2011

June 9 - Cape May rarities

Today I spent some time at the Meadows hoping for a Roseate Tern.  While this bird did not show, a nice Black Tern did !  It was nice to see it in full plumage.

Little did I know that the bigger surprise would come a bit later. While scanning the sky for Mississippi Kites, I saw a Wood Stork. This species is quite rare in New Jersey, with one being seen last fall. As far as I know the last prior record was in 2001 !
The last time I saw this species was in Florida back in 2001, so this certainly made my day.  Fortunately for others the bird was re-found on Saturday & Sunday mornings. So some friends got to see this bird, which always makes the sighting even more special.  Thanks Lisa, for the photo.

Credit: Lisa Ann Malandrino