Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22 - Tri-County Birding

Today saw a loop through the three NY counties that are just north of where I live.  First up was Orange County and it's Sterling Forest area near Harriman State Park.  The targets today were Golden-Winged Warbler and Cerulean Warbler with both being seen well.  Also seen were warblers of Hooded, Yellow, Chestnut-Sided, Prairie, B & W, Redstart, Ovenbird, C. Yellowthroat, and Louisiana Waterthrush.  A nice surprise was a Great Horned Owl.

The next stops was a quick one at the Blue Chip Farms in Ulster County for the Upland Sandpipers that breed here.  Fortunately I was able to spot them upon arriving.

Lastly I visited the Bashakill Wetlands in Sullivan County.  Here I had quick views of Common Moorhen, and also Canada Warbler & Northern Parula. Three species of Swallow were seen, thise being Barn, Tree, and Bank.  Three species of Vireo were Red-Eyed, Warbling, and Yellow-Throated, and three species of Flycatcher in Least, Alder, and Pewee.  The Bald Eagle nest has produced some young this year too !