Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 9 - La Jolla Point Seawatch & Rare Gull chase

This morning I made my first stop at Point La Jolla. Here I met pseudo-resident Stan W. and former New Jerseyan (among others) Paul L.

Here we had a decent flight of seabirds including Common Murre, Elegant Tern, and Black-Vented Shearwaters, and Pacific & Red-Throated Loons among others. Also had a Black Scoter, which is uncommon on the west coast.
credit: Avesphoto

Later I headed north about 90 minutes toward Long Beach for the vagrant Black-Tailed Gull being seen there. I did not see the gull, no one did after 8:30 am, but I did meet several local SD birders and found that quite a few of them will be on the pelagic this coming Saturday. So at the least, the boat trip will have a few new friends * hopefully some new birds for me too!