Monday, June 16, 2008

June 15 - Northwestern New Jersey

After that nice Saturday morning yesterday, I had some free time on Sunday too. I decided to head north toward Sussex County. First up was an open field at the corner of Blair Road & Route 23, just south of the Wallkill NWR. Here I had Bank, Barn, and Rough-Winged Swallows all giving nice repeated views as they fed in the early morning. Later I went toward High Point and birded some fields and enjoyed some nice grassland birds of Field Sparrow, Willow Fly, Bunting etc.

Once at High Point, I took Ridge Road and had some goodies including Willow Fly. Where it rejoins Sawmill, at the Flatbrook bridge, I had Least Fly and Phoebe. Then at the corner of Sawmill & Deckertown Pike, I was able to get Alder Fly.
Heading south, I stopped at Van Ness Road I heard both YB & BB Cuckoos, but only saw the YB. Here was two calling Alder Flys, plus Blue-Winged , Prairie, and Hooded warblers.
Anyway theres lots of other breeders which I did not list here. I just wanted to cover the highlights for me. You might enjoy these birds, plus whatever else you wish to see on territory or missed in migration.

I'm off to Colorado on Saturday and I hope to have a nice report for you to read when I return.