Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 4 - Cape May and Brigantine NWR

With the clock "falling-back" an hour, I awoke earlier than usual today and decided to put that extra time to good use by driving on the Garden State Parkway !

I arrived at the Cape May Hawkwatch around 7:30 and did some seawatching in hopes of locating a Parasitic Jaeger, but the bird was not seen. I then made a stop at the Gingerbread Church around the corner and saw a Common Eider hen there. Then I made a trip over to the Meadows where I had very nice looks at a cooperative Dickcissel, along with other sparrows of Song, Swamp, Savannah, Field, Vesper, White-Crowned, White-Throated and House. At other places today I had Towhee, Junco, and Chipping Sparrows as well.

Here is an image of a Dickcissel:

Returning to the Hawkwatch I was able to see 4-5 of the annual, but rare, Cave Swallows.

Then I went down to the beach near the old military Bunker, and in the weedy field there saw a lone Snow Bunting, at least two Lapland Longspurs, and several American Pipits.

Then I decided to break up the long ride home with a stop at Brigantine (aka Forsythe) NWR.
Here is was able to find 4 Marbled Godwits, the continuing White Pelican along with late sandpipers of Pectoral & Semi-Palmated, and a late Semi-Palmated Plover.