Monday, October 22, 2007

October 20 - Warren Green Acres again

With only a few hours free today I once again made a stop here. Also known as Glenhurst Meadows, this place is probably nice all year round, but I only visit in late Fall for the sparrow show.

Today did not disappoint either. I had a Vesper Sparrow in the rear of the park, along the river's edge. The bird had just awoken and was preening on a pile of logs. This gave me a great chance to repeatedly view the white outer tail feathers of this bird.

Unfortunately I missed the Clay-Colored Sparrows that was reported by Jonathan K.
Oh well, thankfully I saw this species here last weekend.

Similar species to last weekend's visit were seen here today, but much less numbers of birds and less diversity of non-sparrows too.

Along with the Vesper I enjoyed views of Song, Swamp, Savannah (most numerous species today), Field, Lincoln's, White-Throated, White-Crowned, Towhee, and Junco.